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Hashtags And Key Phrases To Jump Start Your Social Media Presence

Trying to get an online presence? Not sure what a hashtag is besides the pound sign? Not sure sure how to attract social media savvy clients? Trying to find alternatives to endless cold calling?I

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How To Spot A Good Real Estate Agent

First and foremost, an agent has to offer you what you are looking for. An agent should offer you value. That value can be a home evaluation, a free consultation, referral lists like lenders

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Finding Fixer Upper Homes For Sale Can You Afford The Renovations

When considering the purchase of a fixer upper home, it’s important to evaluate how much time and money you will have to spend on renovations. It’s often the case that houses needing a lot of

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Making Moves Why Some Renters Chase Jobs Others Chase Locations

When making a long-distance move, some renters search for jobs in multiple cities before moving (job-first movers), while others pick the city in which to live and then find a job (location-first

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