Hashtags And Key Phrases To Jump Start Your Social Media Presence

Dated: 02/20/2019

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Trying to get an online presence? Not sure what a hashtag is besides the pound sign? Not sure sure how to attract social media savvy clients? Trying to find alternatives to endless cold calling?

I hate to talk on the phone. I mean I will, I do, but I don't like it at all. I know that it is essential to gain leads but I wanted another avenue. I wanted to actually get the attention of those people who live on their phones. The people who look up everything to decide if they want to use a service, find a home, buy a car find a REALTOR(R). 

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I started by talking to my kids who are young adults, then to young adults I know from a former profession. I started looking at these "hashtags" and clicking on them to see where they went. I looked up a ton of them and and a ton of blogs and articles about it.  I came to a conclusion: the older we get we don't want to embrace technology, I decided to throw caution to the wind and went at it full steam ahead. 

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I needed to figure out a way to get my face, my name and my brand in front of thousands of people. Everyone needed to know that I was the real estate expert. I started to understand the power of marketing through social media.

One of the more powerful tools is proper use of Hashtags. Hashtags are what get you noticed to individuals outside of your main circle. They help you create a successful following on social media.

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These hashtags will get you, your business and your brand in front of an audience with real estate interest. This will also help you if you are a consumer of real estate.

Hashtags allow you to search for specific properties, open houses, and agents who might have listings that you are interested in. Hashtags can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

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some examples are:


























#YourName, e.g., #AlanSmithee

#YourOfficeName, e.g., #GraffRealEstate


#OpenHouse, e.g., #JanesOpenHouse

#RealEstateConference, e.g., #InmanConnect





  2. #forsale #homesale


  4. #newhome #househunting #dreamhome #properties

  5. #[Complimenting your Clients]

  6. #fixandflip

  7. #wanttomove


  9. #localschooldistrict #houseportrait #freecma #accuratehomeevaluation


  1. #realestatelife

  2. #realtors

  3. #realestate

  4. #realestateagent

  5. #getlistings

  6. #smartagents

  7. #homesales

  8. #housesales

  9. #listings

  10. #homeforsale

  11. #mortgage

  12. #realestatemarketing

  13. #expireds

  14. #standout

  15. #justsold

  16. #realtorslife

  17. #condo

  18. #luxuryliving

  19. #openhouse

  20. #smartrealtor

  21. #sell

There will be a few repeats because I have culled lists from all over the web

I get great organic views on my social media platforms and even though I am still newish to real estate I am getting great feedback and notice. Everything takes time to develop but not too bad for a start. 

I also started looking at "phrases" the words we say to catch attention to our ads, blogs, listings, buyers captures, squeeze pages, print marketing, everything we do. What captures the eye and makes people want to keep reading? 

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Well, we know from social media experts that pictures, emoji, hashtags and saturation equals exposure. Phrasing is the next step. I am learning that i just didn't say the right things and once again started researching it. These young people and anyone who is social media aware wants to look at a page or site fast and what we write makes the difference in whether or not they click that link! Here are some phrases that get attention:

Experienced In Saving You Money

Helping You Get More For Your Real Estate

For Service Beyond The Sale, Call Me!

Great Things Come Out Of All My Transactions

Your Dream Home Awaits

Where would you rather live?

Helping (your city) Find Where To Live

Experts In The (your city) Market

Will Research To Help You Succeed in getting the best deal

Going Above and Beyond To Find Your Next Home

Your Concern Is My Priority

I’ll Find Your Ideal Home.

A legend in the field of ___

A traditional of trust

Above the crowd

A vision for your life

Beautiful investments

Beyond the sale

Click or call we do it all

A referral from you is the highest compliment I can receive!

Call ____ for your real estate chat

Dedicated to results

Image title

A good real estate agent doesn’t disappear once the closing papers are signed

Advertisement punchline: building India

Creating real value in property and places

Don’t Sell/Buy Homes Alone!

(your company name) Realty. Beyond the sale.

Doing things for you only #1 can do!

Coming soon to a closing near you!

Don’t buy from me unless you are ready for success

Experience has its rewards

Great things happen when (name) gets involved

For exceptional service, call

Everything I touch turns to sold

Converting transactions into relationships

Everything she/he touches turns to money

Helping you find the property of your dreams

His/her name is a household word

For more information about real solutions call

Homework is what I do best

I did it again!

If time is of the essence, call

I’m your Realtor. Welcome Home.

I’ll lead you the way home.

In a class by herself.

Colorful places to live and play

I am here for the most important personal of all , My Client

Even our blogs can take advantage of these ideas. after all we read so many things everyday, we too want to know quick if it is worth our time to read it!! I hope you made it too the end. If you did congratulations, you found a way to boost your social media footprint. If you didn't, well....you will not see this anyway.

Paulette Gee




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